Battlestar Galactica When Compared to Reality


After watching the first season, I finally began to understand all of this hype about Battlestar Galactica. The show essentially accentuates and romanticizes the terrors of our present reality: The setting is a post apocalyptic and war ridden world in outer-space. The human race barely hangs on to their legacy with less than 50,000 people remaining alive after being destroyed and replaced by a technology that we invented.

Even in this time of desperation, those in charge work endlessly to avoid the seeming inevitable path of a military versus governmental dictatorship. Instead of working together to fight the machine, it seems that individual power often triumphs over the interest of the collective whole. From the ashes of the remaining human existence rises new egos, battling for the rights of the people (of course with the hidden agenda of capitalizing on tragedy), reminding them to stay alive both physically and spiritually, and also keeping in the forefront of their memory, their dead civilization, now victim to mass genocide.

Currency and profession no longer have any meaning, yet the people still cling to material possessions and the machine of an already dead system. Anarchy almost seems a virtue as the age old question of Western Civilization is asked again and again: Can a man made machine have a consciousness, and where does one draw the line between religion vs science… god vs humanism… facts vs faith… practicality vs prophecy?


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