On the Cusp of Cynicism and Absolute Trust


My belief systems lie somewhere on the cusp of cynicism and absolute trust that the inevitable degradation of our city-state way of life is a necessary pawn in the process of unfolding unyielding enlightenment. Even with the knowledge of the law of attraction and in the importance of holding nothing but positive intentions and expectations wavers as I embrace feelings of absolute love, yet, discontent towards the disconnectedness of our global society.

Free energies are held captive as the world creeps through poverty of spirit, and all the while I search within to find the switch to turn this substitute of what we call living OFF, because I operate under the belief and understanding that we not only create our own realities, but in addition, the external conditions of the world. I sometimes act like I don’t understand how “they” could allow these current state of affairs to continue on, however, if I look at it as a form of the macro imitating the micro, the answer truly does lie within.

In this same way, I point a finger at the horrors of the world, yet, continue to live my life in a non-sustainable city: driving my automobile instead of choosing a lifestyle that does not require such an unnecessary tool, shopping at the supermarket instead of learning how to feed myself, going to work everyday to earn a dollar instead of dedicating my life to change, and so on. Applying this model of thought when asking the big question…when asking the “WHY?” and the “HOW can they continue on with such a blind eye and cold shoulder?,” begins to answer itself. We’ve been born into cyclic roles. It’s easy to continue on the path that you’ve been born into because the blame and guilt gets shifted off onto the self-defeating motto of, “That’s just how things are and always will be.” This form of acceptance can only result in death.

If we think it better does not necessarily mean that it will all get better. Realizing now that it goes beyond just thinking, but instead living by example, and then realizing that “realizing” is still just a form of thinking. Yet, all the while, despite my decline into my own thoughts, I still hold absolute faith in the turn of circumstance, and in the belief that we are destroying ourselves for the best of reasons. I’ve finally accepted the possibility that Utopia can be formed by the implosion of our concept of reality in order to regenerate a self-aware and conscious consciousness that would never dare to make the same mistakes again. As long as we exist in a duality consciousness, seeing everything as separate, we will always need the dark to see the light. Destruction might be necessary to form the path of resurrection. I have no doubt that everything will shift and everything WILL get better, but it just may not be in the way in which we expect.


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