The Schism of Pictures and Words



The first drawings, replicating that of the seeming motion of the sun, arbitrarily came without any prior understanding of the concept of what we know now as art, but instead, took the form of the transmutation of stick, earth and stone into pictorial representations of what would later be known as our primordial language. No rules, no standards, just unobstructed expression of the human soul on clay. One might have considered this drawing the first form of writing before the schism between these two modalities.

Today we refer to writing as the arrangement of words in linear fashion, which are made of of letters, which are actually pictures, or symbols, with predetermined meaning made by men. Along with this process came the restrictive toolset of grammar, another prearranged limitation of the representation or the symbol. The invention of proper syntax required that our children be forced into an institutionalized standard that claims to teach, but instead, determines the mediums appropriate in which to express oneself. Written language has become that which now places more focus on the method as opposed to the process and it is in this confusion of the definition of language itself, that we have forgotten that we have always possessed the ability to create our limitless own.

He who has mastered the art of writing is he who writes in a way that, instead of adhering to structure, is able to transcend the barriers of our physical limitations, and uses the symbol to once again paint like the men and women in the catacombs with unimpeded minds.


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