“as if the world has lost all of its laws”…


A friend and philosopher, Ken Vallario, presented to myself and a handful of others, an invitation to contribute to a thought process intended for one of his future projects. The assignment was to write our own Ten Commandments for the 21st Century, “as if the world has lost all of its laws”…

It was a tough decision, deciding between creating commandments focussing on collective and universal human rights as opposed to illustrating proposed laws targeted towards guiding social interaction. It was also difficult to step inside of a process of creating hypothetical law when it is at the very heart of these demands, the recurring theme of the abolishment and abandonment of any and all authority. With that being said, for the sake of conversation, and as Ken suggested, I proceeded under the mindset as if I were placing a message in a bottle or writing a note for a time capsule, intended for those who have lost or abandoned fundamental truths, ideas and practices, more suited for the type of world I would like to live in:

Confront, help and heal yourself before becoming involved in the affairs of another or others. 

Thou shall always give more back than he has taken. 

Ideas of innovation shall be made immediately available and patents or classification of any type of information, product or brand is not tolerated. 

Competition and profit shall never be valued over the well being of humans animals and ecosystems. 

Thou shall think and speak under no authority but his own, without fearing or facing the risk of persecution or excommunication by or from societies. 

Do not judge and be kind and patient to others, for everyone is on their own path and timeline of inner awakening.

If you cannot give life, do not take it. If you can give life, do not take it, nor talk about it. 

You do not own your children, but you owe them your responsibility until they are capable of their independence. 

Be responsible for your thoughts, ideas and way of thinking. Always question others.

The priority of every community, city and nation shall be geared towards solving problems philosophically, consciously and communally, with no hierarchy and with the best interest of humans, animals and ecosystems in mind. 


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