Language and Interpretation 


Must one possess a language in order to interpret his or her own thoughts? 


4 thoughts on “Language and Interpretation 

  1. Every time I think I have an answer to this my mind comes up with a new angle to look at it. At first I want to say no, no language is needed, because the interpretation in itself is the language…but maybe there isnt any interpretation in a languageless system—which is a very intriguing concept. It’s just automatic. Dare I say Pure? Thanks for the rubics cubes. You fascinate me.

      • My opinion on the matter would remain the same—which is fluid. I was curious actually how you felt about it. Wondered if you just let them roll around in your mind like a marble like I do—never really looking for the answer but just seeing where they lead. It’s yummy stuff to think about.

      • I often write in rhetoric, or often pose questions that can really never have a concrete solution.. or further, questions that have ever-changing answers… because, like you said… it is so much yummier pondering the mystery and infinite possibility…

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