Power is Separate from Application


People can be very quick to insult the power that they abuse.


Social Network

When I was a younger version of myself, and when the Internet was an even younger version of itself, I used to fantasize about being able to share in real time what it was that I was experiencing and not only to boast, but it’s like the same thing “they” say about love: What we subconsciously desire at the root of all of those chemicals and emotions, is for another to witness our existence… to validate it…to make it real in a way because it has been documented by memory. Without others sharing in our experience, we can easily get caught between the subjective and the objective of reality. A balanced human needs both inner and outer play. 
Modern man either hates something on the premise that it is popular, or he blindly consumes that which is being sold to him. Our grey area has been obliterated, and when being presented with this power of advanced social technology, we are at a time where the majority either abuses it or uses it in secret while publicly brandishing it as a personification of Big Brother. 
The idea of a social networking platform is that it is an interactive and often a distractive way to cast ones votes. The idea of a polling system isn’t only encouraged in America, but instead, it is the very infrastructure that creates this country and chooses its leaders. Polling is modern man’s version of barbarianism. Choices are now made from majority rule and not who has the heaviest sword. This is not to say that the powers that be have not been manipulated by a global market of conspiracy, but with the checks and balancing of any new acquisition of power, such modalities are expected to occur and eventually play themselves out. The more we are observed from the outside, the more of the fighting is done on the inside. When less blood is shed, more minds are locked in cages. 
This conflict arises when we see ourself as separate from technology growth. We allow superficiality in application to override our perceptions of authenticity. We view hyperreality as a way of exposing our private lives instead of seeing the opportunity to offer our thoughts for scrutiny and understanding. We view how others have misused this emerging template of human connection and instead of taking back that power for the most obvious and practical of applications, some of our most needed facets of society are running into the woods and back from whence they came. 

Media Demystified


With the development of spoken language followed the invention of writing and recording information. Articulated volumes were sought and looked to as infallible truths due to the power and status that came with transcription in its early days. As the masters of these tools fine tuned their ability to impact persuasion on a pervertedly outstanding scale, stories and religions were fashioned, even plagiarized, from earlier nomadic and pagan traditions, and individuals sought less and less their own stories, customs or trust in his or her own visions. The human being, in time, required less rationalization behind his or her imposed belief systems.

In current times, with the exponential availability of information via the Internet and assorted media outlets, also came the dilution and contradiction of these instantaneous answers. While our tribal village has been eradicated by the enslavement and manipulation of interests and ideals, the social media tool, as it expands its global reaches, has also become simultaneously demystified.

Now that the layman has access to the pen and is free to publish his own written word, those of a particular integrity, have begun to dismiss what has been recorded as absolute certainties, and is using the modalities that once enslaved, to cross reference, debunk and formulate weapons of intellectual defense.

In a sense, what once destroyed the commune and individual, bred what ultimately strives to set that system back in its place.

“As above so below.”

When we get so tightly pulled in… forced in… the only direction left to go is to expand.