The Best Teachers Have Retreated to the Caves


I have been both fascinated and overwhelmed by the wild ride of [the history of] language, and the contradictions it can impose. It is the force that connects us all, yet, segregates us. Keeps us linearly fashioned and unable to see the whole, yet makes us part of it all the same. Many have claimed that the invention of language encouraged the suppression of the Goddess, the feminine, or right brain modalities, in other words.

We come from a history of hierarchy because those who, with the ability to read, write and utilize language, put this knowledge under lock and key. As a result, we now live in a society where it is outrageously standard to charge for information. It is now the norm to pay for “secrets”. So now it is even harder for those coming from a place of humility to feel comfortable in being so forthright in revealing what it is they have learned. Concealing understanding comes with a sense of unwarranted power, and it is those who are true at heart who often feel the most hesitant in sharing. The best teachers are those who have retreated to the caves – those whom hold no desire to teach.

Even now when reading a passage that resonates with my own thoughts, a silent understanding sometimes isn’t enough. I still feel that immediate urge to share it with the world that comes with the electronic age and there is a certain type of alienation that comes with this. Most do not relate, nor care, or are just on their own agenda. And it is after realizing this, after we still possess the desire to dig deeper all the while knowing it is a fruitless path, that we know we are on the “right” path(-less path).

I find that the more things begin to make sense to me, the less sense I begin to make to everyone else. If it only gets bigger the deeper you go, then no wonder so often the solitary traveler mistakens the vastness of his righteous journey with that of an empty playing field. The bigger it gets, the smaller you also become. The fewer you meet, but the more worthwhile they are.