Occupy Los Angeles


The people are not peacefully lobbying because they want to abolish things like sharpies or cell phones. If this is what they truly wanted, there would be no protest, and they would be living in the woods or underground, unbeknownst to you or anyone. Undoubtedly, the origin of our exponential technological development is a direct product of the corporation. The corporation was a great idea on paper until the products of ego (downsizing, monopolizing and capitalizing) became more popular than the human interest. That’s what this “fight” is about. It’s not about running for the hills and the proposed excommunication of any and all systems. On the contrary, the people are reaching out, attempting to re spark the synapses of our primordial instinct which once held up protecting the human tribe and interest as common as a second language.
“Freedom is indivisible and when one man is enslaved, all are not free.” – John F Kennedy.