Inaction is not in action.


Pattern Recognition


One could argue that innate survivalism, as it is referred to, is when the act of persevering emerges as a form of instinctual behavior, as opposed to an act where one chooses and rationalizes how to ensure his or her survival. One could go further and argue that our predisposed biological mechanisms of keeping us safe from natural enemies, elements and the unknown, that at its very core, is only a form and example of the commonly known idea of “choosing the path of least resistance”.

The ability for an infant to recognize a facial construct, and thus knowing then, who to trust and cling to for his or her protection, in its most bastardized form, can be considered a biological form of subservience: taking the path more travelled in order to ensure the survival of the human race. Surrendering then, without questioning, a cognitive ability that the infant only learns after he or she has been molded into a being of acceptance and instinctual compliance, rather than what it has rationalized on its own, is not by nature responsible for the lack of autonomy in man, but instead, by the manipulation of this fundamental biological process that man is able to control man once this pattern of recognition is no longer necessary to survival.