Media Demystified


With the development of spoken language followed the invention of writing and recording information. Articulated volumes were sought and looked to as infallible truths due to the power and status that came with transcription in its early days. As the masters of these tools fine tuned their ability to impact persuasion on a pervertedly outstanding scale, stories and religions were fashioned, even plagiarized, from earlier nomadic and pagan traditions, and individuals sought less and less their own stories, customs or trust in his or her own visions. The human being, in time, required less rationalization behind his or her imposed belief systems.

In current times, with the exponential availability of information via the Internet and assorted media outlets, also came the dilution and contradiction of these instantaneous answers. While our tribal village has been eradicated by the enslavement and manipulation of interests and ideals, the social media tool, as it expands its global reaches, has also become simultaneously demystified.

Now that the layman has access to the pen and is free to publish his own written word, those of a particular integrity, have begun to dismiss what has been recorded as absolute certainties, and is using the modalities that once enslaved, to cross reference, debunk and formulate weapons of intellectual defense.

In a sense, what once destroyed the commune and individual, bred what ultimately strives to set that system back in its place.

“As above so below.”

When we get so tightly pulled in… forced in… the only direction left to go is to expand.