Automating Life


Automating the faculties which sustain life is what facilitates the time and energy required for large scale domination.


Preservation, Destruction, Advancement, Devastation


At what point do we draw the line? Do we boycott the organically progressive restaurant being funded by the fast food corporation, thus adding to the eradication of the local farm and community based morale, or do we promote the consumption of healthy foods on this mass scale by whatever means necessary?

With grey areas blurred, it becomes difficult to determine or choose among motive versus profit. Should we be more concerned with the conduit or the goal? With the intention or the end result?

Conglomerates that advocate environmental preservation and worldwide availability of whole foods still distribute produce in plastic bags. What of the ink in the pen used to forge the petition for action that was extracted and imported from halfway around the world? Is it not until you sign your name or your creed with your own blood, that the action then comes from the heart? Let’s be reminded of the fossil fuels burned and the ecosystems made extinct through the extraction and consumption of oil required for the delivery of that very letter.

And let us not forget the community and culture dilapidated in the name of the technology that we now use to research the information that motivates the want to bring about the change to abolish technology and reclaim our archaic roots in the very first place.

Where do we draw the line between preservation and destruction? Between advancement and devastation?